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Podaj swój adres e-mail, jeżeli chcesz otrzymywać informacje o nowościach i promocjach.

Information for international customers

Information for international customers

If you are interested in our offer please send us an e-mail with your order at

//International customers can purchase our products via Internet. Please send an e-mail with your order at //

To see prices of the products in other currencies, click the heading “WALUTY” (located on the left side on our home page) and select the currency.  You can choose from:

  • euro – EUR
  • dolar amerykański – USD / American Dollar
  • funt szterling – GBP / Pound Sterling
  • korona czeska – CZK / Czech Koruna
  • korona szwedzka – SEK / Swedish Krona
  • złoty polski – PLN / Polish Zloty

About procedure:

  • when we receive your order, we send you the invoice for selected products together with delivery costs (you can choose between two carriers: DHL or Poczta Polska – Polish Post)
  • you can pay for the products by transfer into our bank account or by PayPal
  • when we receive your payment, your order will be shipped to the address provided



About delivery:

  • shipping costs depend on the size and weight of the package with purchased items, destination (country) and the delivery method
  • estimated delivery time: DHL - 72 hours, Poczta Polska (Polish Post) ca. 3-5 days


About payment:

  • you should pay for the products after you receive an official order confirmation;  please wait for the complete invoice (including delivery costs) and do not pay earlier!
  • you can choose the method of payment: direct transfer into our bank account (in EUR, USD or PLN) or PayPal


About invoice:

  • you will receive the invoice in PLN; the prices in EUR (and other currencies) will be converted to PLN using the current day's official exchange rates
  • you can find official foreign currency exchange rates on the website of Polish National Bank below:


If you have any further questions concerning the webshop, delivery or if you cannot find what you are looking for, please e-mail us. We'll be glad to answer all your  inquiries.


Hope you enjoy your shopping with us!


Gabinetyka Team




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